Setting The Record Straight

I stand in solidarity with the Black Community, BLACK LIVES MATTER! Although my skin color does not make it obvious, I am a woman of color! I am a proud Puerto Rican Woman who is married to a proud Black Man. Married 34 years strong and counting! We have raised three beautiful children and are blessed with ten grandchildren here on earth (and two in heaven). Oh, the stories I could tell about our family’s experiences with systemic racism and police brutality! But this post is not about that.

Recently, some well-known women in the crafting community have come under fire for the words and/or actions they chose to share/display during the Black Lives Matter movement. The hearts that these women bore on their sleeves broke mine! It served as a reminder that, no matter how far we may think we have come, we have such a long way to go! Even so, this post is not about these women! What this post is about is setting the record straight!

I am a Christian! I live each day with the purpose of growing deeper in my understanding of God’s Word so that I may live a life that glorifies Him. I am far from perfect and sometimes I stumble but  knowing what Jesus has done for me (and continues to do) is all I need to pick myself back up.

In the crafting community I have observed that some of the leaders at some companies are Mormon and that some individual influencers are, also, Mormon. This is no a  secret as they often share their personal believes on their crafting social media platforms. And, this bears no weight on who or where I choose to purchase my crafting supplies from. In fact, for three years I had the pleasure of direct-selling amazing product for a company where some leaders are Mormon. The women that I mention in the second paragraph of this post are also Mormon.

What does all of this have to do with setting the record straight? Please allow me to explain.

As I read through some of the comments on posts related to the poor word/action choices made by the women already mentioned, it became clear to me that there may be a misconception about Mormons and Christians. My understanding is that some individuals may believe that Mormons and Christians are one in the same. Here is where I set the record straight… Mormons are not Christians and Christians are not Mormons. The God that Christians worship is not the god that Mormons worship. The Jesus that Christians worship is not the jesus that Mormons know.

I don't have a huge platform but there may be someone out there reading this who is feeling led to Jesus and who has stumbled across misleading information about who He is. For this reason, I felt called to set the record straight.

I know that this is not a craft-related post and I realize that some may be offended by it. My intention is not to offend but to inform. My readers already know that my life belongs to Christ. I wear my faith proudly on my sleeve for the world to see.

It is, also, not my intention to go into a theology lesson but if anyone has questions about who Jesus is, I am happy to answer them. Please send me a message.

Thank you for listening.

With His Gifts,